Our Services

Image is powerful.  First impressions are formed in an instant, and they’re lasting.


Personal Styling

At Lisa Barry Styling, we help you create the right outfits and wardrobe for your body and lifestyle. Our larger goal is to help you look great and feel great—confident about your appearance and liking what you see, both in your closet and on yourself. Whether you need help with a single outfit or your entire wardrobe, we can give you the tools to put forth the image you want.Our services are specific to each client and can include:


Analyze your desired image, your lifestyle, and how to dress your body shape to define your personal style and create a wardrobe plan that works for you


Identify which items are flattering, age appropriate, and stylish, and discover how they can work together in a variety of looks


Create just the right look for special events, such as weddings, reunions, company functions, engagement photos, and formal occasions


Locate the outfits and accessories needed to complete your wardrobe and to fit current seasons and trends


Select and pack coordinated outfits for business or pleasure trips


Topics include appropriate workplace attire, dressing for your body type, and investing your wardrobe budget wisely


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Corporate Styling

The appearance of your executives and employees can either enhance or undermine your corporate brand.Image consultant Lisa Barry works with individuals and groups to explain the connection between image and personal brand, and how the right image can be a distinct competitive advantage. Lisa will customize a package specifically for your company’s goals, whether you want to work on the dress code, create a powerful executive brand or simply help employees brush up their image.

Corporate Seminars

Discover how image can maximize your potential in the workplace. Empower your team—from senior executives to emerging leaders—with an understanding of how to make the right impression and present themselves in a way that tangibly communicates confidence, success, power, integrity and innovation. Participants will leave the workshop with valuable guidance and practical, adaptable techniques for creating a polished, powerful, professional image.

Individual or Group Training

Interested in delving deeper into creating a powerful personal brand? Lisa can work either one-on-one or with a small group for even more impact.

Travel Styling

Business trips common? Lisa can help you navigate the fine line between packing too much and getting caught with nothing to wear. She’ll work one-on-one with you to combine a minimal number of “go-to” work staples to create days of perfect looks. Leave the styling session with photos of all the outfits you’ve created. 

Photoshoot Styling

As a photoshoot stylist, Lisa is a skilled, reliable, and creative team player. Count on Lisa to create a compelling story with clothing, accessories, and the general “look” for your photoshoot.